The Journey


Just getting to the school in Guatemala was an adventure in itself. On the flight I had the opportunity to talk to many fascinating people. When I landed in Guatemala City I had to figure out how to navigate through the airport security, customs and the haggling taxi and shuttle drivers that persistently sought my business as I walked out of the airport. (above: the view from my seat in the plane in Minneapolis, MN; below: the Guatemalan countryside in the evening during the bus ride from the capital to Xela)Image I then enjoyed a relaxing 4 hour bus ride along the winding roads from the capital to Xela and got my first taste of Guatemala! When I finally arrived in Xela after 17 hours of travelling I was exhausted but too excited to sleep. I couldn’t believe that the adventure and learning opportunity that I had dreamed of was actually happening! (below: the view from my bedroom overlooking the city)



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