Jaun Sisay Weekend Adventures


Three times while I was there we got to go to the local natural hot springs Fuentes Georginas. This was definitely one of my favorite adventures! The 40 minute drive to the hot springs took us along steep windy roads and past farms clinging to the mountainside. The view was breathtaking!



When we arrived at the hot springs we changed into our swimsuits and walked down a steep, slippery path through the springs jungle to the first hot spring which sits below a waterfall. The water was incredibly hot and getting into the pool was a little bit painful at first. However, once I was accustom to the heat it was a very relaxing experience. I always felt sleepy afterwards.



We then walked up the hill to a larger pool at the top which sits right next to a restaurant. It was wonderful to enjoy a nice cold drink and the famous ‘Papas Geroginas’ (potato wedges).Image

Futbol, or soccer, is a huge part of Guatemalan culture as well. While I was in Xela we attended several soccer games, usually late at night. The stadium was always packed and the fans were very energetic! 



Also, this was certainly the first time I have ever seen fireworks set off in the stands during a game…I think that would be considered dangerous here in the states, but not in Guatemala!Image

One weekend we had a tour of the cemetery in Xela. It was very different from the cemeteries here in the US, but it was beautiful in its own way. The graves are all painted with bright, vibrant colors and a lot of them have a lot of history behind them. 



The cemetery is beautifully located with a view of the city and surrounding volcanoes. Image



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