My last 10 days…

My last 10 days in Guatemala were bitter-sweet. I completed my required courses at Juan Sisay. I was happy to be done with the studying, but at the same time I knew that I would miss the many friends I had made at the school and in my host family. The hardest part of my farewell was saying goodbye to Abuelita (little grandmother) and my host family. I gave her a gift to say goodbye and she burst into tears and gave me a long hug. It was a wonderful feeling to have grown so close to a family from a totally new country. My graduation ceremony was similar. My teacher gave a wonderful speech about all of the fun things we had experienced in 9 weeks and how she was going to miss me (all in Spanish of course). We then celebrated with the whole school and danced the night away again.

graduation 2 graduation


The last few days I spent travelling, in a very roundabout way, to the airport. I spent a few days on the beach in Livingston and traveled up and down Rio Dulce. The days on the beach were relaxing! I got to go fishing with a local man and he also took me and my friends on a tour of the local town which included a hike to some pools, a canoe trip up a little river and a boat ride to Playa Blanca (White Beach).

IMG_0697 IMG_0704 IMG_0713 IMG_0768 IMG_0869 IMG_0980 IMG_1058

It was a lovely way to end my time in Guatemala and I met some other fascinating travelers while there. Finally, it was time to leave and I headed to the airport. Twelve hours later, I found myself landing in Minneapolis, MN. Walking out into the cool Minneapolis air felt surreal. I could hardly believe that I was finally back after a life-changing adventure in Guatemala! I experienced so many things while I was gone and met so many people! I will always treasure my memories of Guatemala and want to return someday!


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